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Determining and monitoring crop types

The determination of plant species and the phenologicalstate of field crops are of substantial economic, ecologic and politicalrelevance.

Together with the agency dida Datenschmiede GmbH, the ZIM-funded project CropClass will use the connection of optical data and radar data to build an operational web service. This web service shall allow for a highly accurate classification of crop types at different stages of their growth – aiming for 90% accuracy. The focus lies on for Germany typical crops such as wheat, rye, barley, rapeseed, potato, corn and sugar beet. The target update interval is 3-5 days, and the underlying classification of the web service will be based on the application of machine learning algorithms to the combined input data.

dida Datenschmiede GmbH

dida stands for AI-supported software development. They develop stand-alone prototypes, deliver production-ready software, and provide mathematically sound consulting for in-house Data Scientists.

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